UBC Vancouver Construction Update

Project status last updated: August 15, 2017

The University is currently making significant investments in new and upgraded infrastructure to support Place & Promise goals. The level of construction activity is quite high right now and we want to ensure that the campus community is regularly updated on the latest projects and associated timelines. We plan to issue regular construction updates like this to keep you informed.

Note that projected completion dates are subject to change. Please refer back to the website for updates.

Each of the projects noted below involves pedestrian detours around fenced construction sites to ensure the safety of the campus community. These detours will be clearly marked. Intermittent road or walkway closures in the vicinity of a construction site may be required from time to time during construction. Every effort will be made to minimize disruption. If longer term closures are required this will be communicated well in advance. Please refer to the project map for the location of each of the current construction projects.

Projects currently underway include:

1) New Sports Medicine Centre - Chan Gunn Pavilion
  The new Sports Medicine Centre – Chan Gunn Pavilion, located adjacent to the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, will be the new home for the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic, a key Provincial referral centre, addressing sports injury and fitness-related health care needs of the province. The new facility will also support leading-edge research and clinical training in physical activity and exercise medicine by the UBC Division of Sports Medicine and School of Kinesiology.

Location: Thunderbird Blvd and Wesbrook Mall
Project cost: $11.425 million
Projected completion: September 2017
2) Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories – Renewal and Expansion
  The Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Labs Renewal project involves a renewal and expansion of the Biological Sciences complex to provide modern, well equipped teaching laboratories for over 2,000 students enrolled in undergraduate life sciences programs. This will replace and consolidate deteriorated teaching labs in the Biological Sciences Centre and North, Wesbrook and D.H. Copp buildings.

Location: University Blvd and Main Mall
Project cost: $80 million
Projected completion: November 2018
3) Exchange Residence at Gage South
  The new Exchange Residence will provide approximately 650 beds for upper year students in suite style configuration (micro units, studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units with kitchen) including some larger studios and 1 bedroom units and some small (145 sq ft) micro units to assist in addressing affordability issues for some students. Typical residence amenities will be provided including lobby, front desk, house lounge, meeting/study rooms, bike storage, fitness/games room, music practice rooms and laundry. A collegium for commuter students is also planned to be included.

The residence will include four towers, ranging in height from 5 – 14 storeys, and will be constructed on a 2-storey (equivalent) podium over top of the bus exchange layover facility.

Location: Wesbrook Mall at Student Union Boulevard
Project cost: $76.97 million
Projected completion: September 2019
4) UBC Exchange (New Transit Bus Terminal)
  The UBC Exchange (or new transit bus terminal) is a partnership project between UBC and TransLink designed to meet the current and future transit needs of the UBC Vancouver campus community. This facility is complementary to the re-configured Trolley Bus Loop on University Boulevard. This $21.75 million partnership project with TransLink will provide an end of route terminal for diesel buses. TransLink to fund lesser of $8.84m or 50% of capital cost. This project is integrated with the Exchange Residence.

Location: Wesbrook Mall at Student Union Boulevard
Project cost: $21.75 million
Projected completion: September 2019
5) UBC Life Building (Old SUB Building Renewal)
  This project involves the renewal of the Old SUB (now named “UBC Life Building”). The project scope is comprised of 2 phases. Phase 1 involves building systems renewal and development of interim swing space to facilitate larger scale renewal of other campus buildings. Phase 2 includes tenant improvements to develop the full "UBC Life" program which will provide essential student services including counseling, health and wellbeing programs, academic and career advising, international and experiential learning, athletic facilities, food services and informal learning spaces, all of which help to ensure the success of our undergraduate and graduate students.

Location: 6138 Student Union Boulevard
Project cost: $24.5 million for renewal for swing space
Projected completion: December 2017
Public Realm
  A series of landscape upgrade projects to improve walkways, street lighting, street furniture, wayfinding signage and storm drainage with an overall goal to create a safer, more attractive and pedestrian friendly campus.
Location: Various locations across campus.
Project cost: The total Public Realm program cost is $46 million spread over 15 years. Funding is from Infrastructure Impact Charges (IICs) levied on non-academic campus development projects.

Current Public Realm projects include:
a) Gage South Precinct/Wesbrook Mall.   Project underway. Includes public realm associated with the new Aquatic Centre, MacInnes Field, UBC Exchange (Bus Terminal) and Exchange Residence. Projected completion: Phased through 2018 and 2019.
b) Library Gardens.   Project underway. Projected completion: December 2017.


Thank you for your patience during this period of intense construction.
If you have any questions regarding these projects please feel free to contact John Metras, Managing Director, Infrastructure Development at john.metras@ubc.ca or 604-822-4311