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Totem Park Student Residence In-Fill Phase 2

As part of its growth plan to address significant demand for on-campus student housing, Student Housing & Hospitality Services (SHHS) plan to develop additional in-fill housing at the Totem Park Residence. This follows on the successful Totem Infill Phase 1 project completed in 2011 that added 567 beds to the Totem Park Residence complex.

Totem Park Residence currently has a population of 1,758 mostly 1st year students and a commons block that provides dining hall, support services and amenities for this student population. The Totem Park Residence In-Fill Phase 2 project proposes the addition of one more residence building (2 houses) with approximately 350 traditional beds, increasing the total Totem Park population to over 2,100 students.

Project Sponsor:   UBC Student Housing & Hospitality Services
Project Size:   99,951 ft2
Budget:   $ 30.2 million
Status:   In Construction
Occupancy:   September 2017
Project Manager:   UBC Properties Trust
Architect:   Public Architecture & Communications
Const. Manager:   Ledcor
Sustainability:   LEED Gold
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