Seismic Upgrades at UBC

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is UBC’s first priority. In 2012, the university commissioned a study with Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers and JM Engineering to assess the seismic risk of UBC’s building stock. This study identified a number of our buildings as high or very high seismic risk. This work formed the basis for UBC’s seismic mitigation plan.

Since the report in 2012, some buildings seismic upgrade work is already underway or has been completed. Prior to 2012, UBC had already undertaken significant seismic upgrades as part of the UBC Renew program. This reflects our goal to actively manage the seismic risk on campus, while we tackle the difficult process of creating a more comprehensive plan for our most challenging buildings.

To accomplish this we are creating a prioritized action plan for each at-risk building on our campus using the work of UBC’s preeminent seismic researchers as well as the most current thinking in seismic engineering, building resilience, and business continuity. This process will help us to develop an updated plan that includes the following elements:

  • Confirmation of the assumptions used in the 2012 seismic report.
  • Clear strategy, vision, and action plans for UBC’s seismic retrofit program.
  • Recommended design strategies for both new and existing buildings that can be implemented to mitigate these hazards.
  • A more detailed assessment and order-of-magnitude cost estimate of the seismic upgrade scope required for each of the high or very high hazard buildings identified in the 2012 seismic report.

With a campus the size of a small city, each step of our plan will take some time to accomplish, but UBC is dedicated to protect our students, faculty and staff and keep UBC a leading centre of research and knowledge preservation for our next century and beyond.

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